Complete electronic ignition

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Complete electronic ignition
At different advance curves
For Fiat 500 F/L/R and Fiat 126

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Complete electronic ignition
123 Ignition
At different advance curves
For Fiat 500 F/L/R and Fiat 126

The 123FIAT-2-R is designed especially for Fiat 500 F/L/R and Fiat126 engines.
With a design similar to the original distributor.
No more wear, no more replacement of points and/or condensor EVER again.
The advance is now electronically calculated : set it, and forget it!
It is designed to work with a traditional coil, producing a strong and crisp spark, for better starting and economy.
The unit offers a built-in LED for easy static timing.

The unit offers a maximum total of 16 advance-curves to be selected by the end-user.

It doesn't need the double ignition coil
Instructions included

Cylinders: 2
Directions: CW/CCW
Voltage: 4,0 - 15,0 volt
Range: 500 - 8000 rpm
Temperature: -30 to 100 Celsius
Coil: Black 3,0 Ohm stock coil.
Dwell: constant current, fully autom.
Time-out: after 1 second current is switched off
Spark-bal: <0,5 degr. crankshaft
Max. Advance: 40 degr. crankshaft
Wiring: red = +6V or +12V, black = '-' coil

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